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Qaradawi, the Army of Egypt: Release the detainees and change government

Qaradawi greeted the army of Egypt valiant (the island. Net)
Called scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi in his Friday sermon delivered today in Tahrir Square in central Cairo; youth and people of Egypt to maintain their unity and their revolt that toppled President Hosni Mubarak. He also asked the Egyptian army to immediately release political detainees, and change the current government, calling on Arab leaders at the same time to listen to their people.

Among some two million were gathered in Tahrir Square, which was the center of the revolution, the head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, "The youth revolution did not prevail on Mubarak only, but on the corruption and tyranny, he said, adding:" I am confident in the victory of God to these young men, the promise of Allah is victory, the faithful can not be falsehood to triumph on the right, and had to be to win the Egyptians on this leviathan was the pharaoh of Egypt must not be freed because these young people wanted and the will of the will of God. "

He said in his sermon "The patience of the people and sacrificed insisted and disarm him fear, and the Pharaohs throw terror into the hearts of the people but today people are no longer afraid not of Pharaoh and of State Security of camels and horses have won God their noble, and greetings to the young revolutionary who wish to kiss their hands and one by one, they have raised our heads, calling them supporters who told them God and the influence on themselves if their merit. "

Message for young people

And recommended Sheikh Qaradawi young people who "are tired of sitting and risked their lives to live we are safe" to preserve the victory, because the revolution is not over, but it started, they should maintain their revolution and warned them that rob them of one, especially from the hypocrites who are preparing to ride the wave ", with a saying.

In his speech to the Egyptian people, Dr al-Qaradawi called on Egyptians, Muslims and Christians to "worship together thanks in Tahrir Square, it seemed a national unity between Muslims and Copts, hold tightly to the unity of the row."

He explained by saying that "on 25 January (the start of the outbreak of the Revolution) stop next to the Christian and Muslim both safe from the other and love the other, not fear it, nor lurking in it but they were guarding each other in prayer, yes, he ended the field of speech and the era of liberalization sedition."

Message to the Army

And the face of Sheikh Qaradawi tribute to the Egyptian army, which took power after the departure Mubarak, adding that it shield the people and its chain, it is enough that the army did not extend his hand was hurt against the Egyptian people and he pledged to preserve the rights of the Egyptian Civil acquired and made several actions in the interest of the people, with a saying.

He called the army to form a new government and immediately release all political detainees and said, "I call on the Egyptian army that liberates us from the government formed by Mubarak, and that whenever he saw the Egyptians remember the crimes committed against them was killed, horses, and beauty."

Sheikh Qaradawi also called for the army to open the Rafah crossing and Egyptian of all crossings in front of the besieged Palestinian people, which "is expected equity at the hands of the heroes of the Egyptian armed forces brave."

He also called on groups of Egyptians who organize strikes to protest their living conditions for the delay, in the army, where he claims that "God built the world in six days and that his ability was built in a blink of an eye, but to teach us patience and perseverance to build."

He said, "I would like for the people of Egypt who do wrong, be patient a little work and support the real revolution."

Message to the rulers

The other hand, al-Qaradawi called for the Arab rulers of trying to "understand the people and listening and dialoguing with them and stop them laughing."

Experiencing a number of Arab countries, led by Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, popular protests to demand change and the overthrow of the regime.

At the conclusion of the sermon, Sheikh Qaradawi expressed his hope to adopt the same prayer and deliver a sermon in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem after its liberation and asked Allah to grant Muslims the opening set.

The blessings of Sheikh Qaradawi hordes in Tahrir Square Zuhr and Asr prayers and then stayed on the souls of the martyrs who were killed in the uprising, the Egyptian blessed.

Following the prayers, chanted slogans Who's in the field of anti-deposed regime, including "the people want to purge this country, and Hosni and his aides." 

Source: Islam Online