Demo boleh halang PM masuk ofis, ini baru betul negara maju


Thousands surround PM office in Cairo
Over 50,000 protesters have blocked newly-appointed Premier Ahmed Shafiq from entering his office in Cairo, calling for an immediate resignation by him and all of his cabinet members.

Shafiq became premier after embattled President Hosni Mubarak sacked the cabinet amid ongoing massive rallies against his regime.

Protesters dismiss the new designation and say they want Mubarak himself to give up power and stand trial for the death of protesters.

This comes as Egyptians are holding fresh protests across the country 15 days into their campaign to oust Mubarak.

Large crowds have gathered in Cairo’s liberation Square. This as a large crowd of protesters have reportedly marched on the Interior Ministry and parliament buildings in central Cairo and surrounded them for a while before returning to Liberation Square.

The demonstrations come despite the government’s promise of constitutional reforms and an offer of pay rise to public sector workers.

Vice president Omar Suleiman has also announced that the government has a plan and timetable for a peaceful transfer of power.

Still the demonstrators insist Mubarak must resign immediately and that they’re ready to draw more people to the streets until it happens.

On the Egyptian streets, people say they cannot trust the government, especially after what has transpired over the past two weeks.

Anti-American sentiment is high among the protesters who hold Washington responsible for President Mubarak’s long grip on power.PressTV