‘Awak ada parang, saya ada pistol, siapa lagi power?’


FMT:‘Cops executed my mentally ill brother’
Contrary to media reports, the brother of the mentally unsound man shot dead in Bahau claims the police provoked and shot him at close range.
PETALING JAYA: The brother of a mentally unsound man shot dead by the police claimed that the deceased was executed. He also blamed the policemen for provoking him into turning violent.

Speaking to FMT, Ahmad Hairail Adzuan Abu Bakar also alleged that his brother was shot at close range, and not from three metres away as claimed by the police.

The 26-year-old marketing executive filed a report with the Bahau police station, demanding that an investigation be carried out.

Hairail said his brother Ahmad Harfidz Abu Bakar, 37, suffered from insomnia and stress but did not have a history of violence.

Media reports stated that Harfidz was shot dead at his house in Taman Chempaka, Bahau, when he attacked police sergeant Abdul Rahim Hamid with a parang, and slashed him on the head.

The police claimed that the attack happened as the policemen were leaving the house after attempting to calm the deceased.

The deceased’s mother was said to have called the police after her son allegedly ran amok in the house.
‘Blood was not splattered’

However, Hairal disputed this version.

Based on what he had gathered from those who witnessed the incident, Hairail said his mother had called the police to help compel the deceased to go for his routine treatment at a nearby hospital.

“He normally does not listen to us and is more compliant to the police,” he said, adding that his family was shocked when two patrol cars arrived.

“My brother panicked when he saw so many policemen and locked himself in his room,” he said.

At 3pm, Hairail, who was outstation then, said the police called him to seek his permission to break open his brother’s room door.

When the police called, Hairail said he heard a policeman in the background saying, “Sampai bila nak tunggu ni, bila nak habis?” (how long are we to wait, when would it end?)

“However, I told them to take a peek through the room window to see what he was doing. They told me they saw him lying down quietly. Then, they decided to use the Taser gun on him,” said Hairail.

Following this, Hairail said his brother came out of the room with a parang and this was when the sergeant had allegedly pressed his gun against Harfidz’s neck.

“The sergeant told my brother ‘ awak ada parang, saya ada pistol, siapa lagi power’ (you have a parang and I have a gun. Who is more powerful?)

“He then shot my brother and Harfidz swung his parang at the sergeant. But a few policemen pinned him down with deadly force, causing him to loose his life,” he said.

Questioning the police’s version, Hairail said: “They claimed to have shot my brother at a range of three metres. However, there was no blood splattered in the place where he was shot.”

Hairal was also upset that the police had used a Taser gun on his brother without the presence of paramedics.

“You must have paramedics around because when you subdue someone with a Taser gun, it may cause health problems,” he said.