Zambry bazirkan RM8 juta buat cerita kartun, apa ke jadah?


~ KOMEN: Patut la muka pun dah jadi macam kartun 3-D, nak buat cerita kartun ghopenye... box office kepala hatok mike...


The Perak Innovation & Creative Resource Centre (Pincer) is collaborating with Spacetoon International to launch its box office 3-D movie Mentera some time in August.

Costing some RM20mil, Pincer marks the state's foray into creative content. The centre will not only become an animation centre, but will also be involved in merchandising.

For its joint venture with Spacetoon, it has pumped in some RM8mil for the production of Mentera.

“We have been working together for three years. It was a long and painful exercise to convince them to come. But now we are in the post-production stage. We believe that returns will be forthcoming,” he said.

Zambry added that one of Perak's NKRA was for the development of information technology, which will be carried out through animation.

“We have identified creative content as a way to stop some of the migration of talent overseas. We are initiating more strategies to get these talent back,” he said.

Pincer is located behind the Perak Techno Trade Centre in Taman Meru, Jelapang near Ipoh.