AWAS! Permainan kotor UMNO & SPR, ubah 3 tempat mengundi


FULL ARTICLE: BN: Don’t fall for PAS’ trick

In Labis, PAS questioned the Election Commission’s reason to move the three polling stations where the party had previously won to different locations.

PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub said the polling stations were Labis Timur, Labis and Bandar Labis Tengah.

“Previously, the polling stations were at SKJ (T) Labis, SKJ (C) Labis and SMK Seri Labis, which are all within Labis town itself. The new polling stations however are in Kampung Paya Merah, SMK Kamarul Ariffin and the JKKK Labis basketball court, nearer to areas with a Malay majority,” he said.

Salahuddin said that such a change would only cause inconvenience to Chinese and Indian voters who are mainly in Labis town.

“I hope the EC will provide an explanation soon,” he said at the PAS office in Labis here yesterday.

Salahuddin said he also hoped the authorities would take action against the distribution of several magazines containing articles against PAS.

“We want a clean by-election and it is unfair for such materials to be distributed,” he said.