Kebodohan PMR 2010: 50% tak faham English, 43% buta Maths


Saturday December 25, 2010

ACCORDING to the Education Ministry, yesterday’s PMR results were the best in four years. Yes, about 7% of the candidates scored straight A’s. But what about the rest?

The number of those who got Grades D and E is very worrying indeed. (I got the statistics from a newspaper.)

Judging by the statistics, almost half of the students who took the PMR could not understand English; 43% could not count; and 41% did not like Science.

I think the Education Ministry and schools should concentrate on the weak students.

They should have discovered them when they were in Forms 1 or 2 (based on their exam results). Once they had discovered the weak ones, action could have been taken to help them.

I think the schools should be held responsible and explain why so many scored D’s and E’s.

Anyway, congratulations to those who came through with flying colours.




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