Dr Chris Anthony patut tahu UMNO mana ada kesedaran sivik


THE STAR ONLINE: Mob-like behaviour uncalled for

I REFER to “Anti-ISA meet disrupted” (The Star, Nov 22). The disruption of an anti-ISA forum by a group of pro-Internal Security Act (ISA) demonstrators in Penang was very regrettable.

Although no untoward incidents were reported, such actions are dangerous as they can well lead to unnecessary violence that can go out of control.

Just as with the anti-ISA group, the pro-ISA group also has the right to air its views in a peaceful manner.

Instead of resorting to mob-like behaviour, the pro-ISA group could have held their own peaceful demonstration elsewhere to air their views on the ISA. They could have engaged in a debate on the issue in a civil manner.

Peaceful demonstrations to air views on important issues should be encouraged if we truly have the well-being of the nation at heart.