Jom sertai Facebook 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower


Trinity Chua | Okt 20, 10 3:53PM
Dalam tempoh, empat hari, laman itu berjaya menarik 30,000 peminat ataupun satu daripada 300 pengguna Facebook di Malaysia.


Dear Prime Minister, as at 2010-10-19 3.30pm, every 1 out of 800 facebookers in Malaysia is rejecting your proposed RM 5-Billion, 100 storey Mega Tower. While we are still a small number, many more Malaysians will soon join us. If you mean it when you say "People first, Performance now", please cancel this white elephant project! Thanks

Malaysians saying no to the RM5-Billion 100-storey Mega Tower proposed by PM Najib in the 2011 budget. Malaysia needs better education, better health care, better public transportation, safer neighbourhood, cleaner water, but not taller building. We dont need another white elephant!

Facebook has blocked our administrators' voice~~freedom of expression has been oppress! Support us!

“Everybody wants a tallest tower. Shanghai and Taiwan want more, so why should we hold back?” - Ng Yen Yen.

As at 838am 21/10/10, 1 in every 160Malaysian FB users (56,477 in total) says No!

Total in 109.5 hours: 56,477
Today's goal: 100,000