Pejuang2 Islam yg amat digeruni oleh tentera Rusia


29 August 2010, 10:23 : Sources in the province of Nokhchicho (AKA Chechnya / Ichkeria) of the Caucasus Emirate reported that early Sunday morning, about 04:30 am local time, a large group of Mujahideen entered the village of Khosi-Yurt (Russian name Tsentoroi), the headquarters of the Russian minions' ringleader Kadyrov, and attacked puppet gangs.

About a dozen houses belonging to Kadyrov's ringleaders and those personally close to him were burned down In the course of battle. It is not clear whether the house of Kadyrov was burned and where he was at the time of the Mujahideen attack.

Detailed data on what happened is not yet available. Russian invaders reported about 30 Mujahideen attacking the village.

Kadyrov immediately declared that "all militants who entered the village had been destroyed" and that he was "personally leading the operation".

"Only those who did the video shooting for reporting left", the puppet ringleader said, securing for a future if his lies were exposed and trying abate the significance of the fact of a direct attack on his most fortified headquarters, which is guarded by a huge number of Russian occupation troops and puppet forces.

Occupation sources say that allegedly only 2 Kadyrov's policemen and 5 local residents were killed during the battle. "There are also some wounded", the puppet modestly added.

It is alleged that 12 Mujahideen were killed, and is also said that this information has not been yet confirmed.

In an interview with a Russian TV channel, the puppet ringleader Kadyrov came up with a version that the Mujahideen were allegedly lured in the village and were allowed to enter it "to eliminate them all".

Meanwhile, according to the KC source Mujahideen group was consisted of about 60 fighters. A source of the KC said that the headquarters of the ringleader of Russian minions had been attacked by three Mujahideen units led by commanders Mahran, Zaurbek and Abdurrahman.

They were divided into several units and attacked Kadyrov's puppets simultaneously from several directions, spreading panic among them.

It is also reported that many Kadyrov's puppets were killed during the raid. No precise data is available at the moment. Also, there is no data available on the Mujahideen casualties.

Sources from local residents reported that Mujahideen stayed in the village for about one hour. They attacked the positions of the puppets and burned down houses of the people close to Kadyrov. They left the village after completing their task. Kadyrov appeared before TV cameras 3 hours after the Mujahideen left the village.

Invaders and puppets give strictly measured and very conflicting information. Khosi-Yurt is now blocked by occupation forces. Military helicopters are flying over the village.

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