Mahathir bukan India Kerala tapi dikatakan dari Bangla!


From blog Planet of the Monyets

I am currently in Dhaka, conducting training for the Department of Environment Bangladesh. We had recently completed a series of guidelines for conducting environmental impact assessment for roads and bridges – and the training workshop is basically to teach DOE officers and other stakeholders how to conduct EIA properly for road and bridge projects (FYI many of the bridges in Bangladesh are pretty huge because of the large rivers that dissect the country. The biggest bridge that is currently being planned is one that spans 6 km over the Padma river).

Okay, back to Mahathir. Mahathir is a hero to many Bangladeshis because he “championed for the Third World” and brought “major developments to Malaysia”. They simply love him. He is their role model as far as politicians go.

Most Bangladeshis that I have met in the course of my work are also convinced that Mahathir’s father came from Chittagong. Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh, located in the south, bordering Myanmar (see map below).

Most of my conversations went on something like this :

Me : “Is it true that Mahathir’s father came from Chittagong ?”

Bangladeshi : “We know that his mother was from Malaya but his father definitely came from Chittagong”

Me : “How do you know that “

Bangladeshi : “Because people in Chittagong told us this”

Me : “I thought his father was from Kerala, India”

Bangladeshi : “No, his father is definitely from Chittagong. Definitely a Bangla”.

Another Bangladeshi : “You know, when Mahathir came to Bangladesh when he was your prime minister, he visited his village in Chittagong”.

Me : $%#@*&#

I am now in a dilemma. All my life, the history books taught me that Mahathir was from Kerala, India. Now they tell me he is actually from Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Ibrahim Ali won’t be very happy to hear this.

It is time to burn the history books.