The PAPUA ISLAND story……… berdakwah dalam hutan rimba!


PAPUA is one of the BIGGEST islands in Indonesia. It lies in the eastern part of the region and is also known as IRIAN JAYA Island. PAPUA is famous for some natural resources, such as gold mining. (You may search about “Freeport issues in Indonesia” to learn more). Many tribes live in the Islands jungles and primitively live without clothes and never bathe. Most of the tribe’s people are Christian by faith. Because of the lack of transportation, only missionaries with private small planes or helicopters are able to reach them. Although Islam was the first religion which entered “PAPUA ISLAND” many wrong images and lies had been spread about Islam, which made most of the people identified PAPUA with Christianity.

A genuine Papua Muslim ust.M.Zaaf.Fadlan Rabbani Al Garamatan by name, felt as if he was called to do more for the people. He and some of his students for many years have been doing dawah across the jungles, mostly by walking for many days to reach the tribes region. When they arrived, they saw the filth the tribe’s people were living in. The missionaries only came to make them in worse conditions. The missionaries gave them whisky and other alcoholic beverages along with pig oil which the missionaries said this was used in order to protect them from mosquito bites. They lived with pigs and behaved no differently then the animals. The smell of the tribal people was horrible. Unfortunately, this was the condition in which the missionaries contributed to. These conditions made the tribal people look stupid and unhonorable to be a human. This tool was used to expose to the peers that Indonesia could not make equal prosperity for the people of PAPUA. PAPUA is so well-known for its natural resources and the missionaries used this as an opportunity to bring in their Capitalistic ideas from Capitalistic countries to make them easy to occupy the natural resources of some developing countries, such as Indonesia.

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With some limitations of funds and facilities, ust.Fadlan and his students tried their best to spread the light of Islam to the tribe’s people. They needed some strategies to be accepted by the people, so they decided to give them some examples on how to live a better life. Not just by teaching them by lecturing them, but to approach the tribe’s leaders and to speak to them in their way of understanding. One day came the opportunity when the tribe’s leaders followed them to the bathing pool. The tribe’s leader followed what ust.Fadlan did in the pool and when the tribe’s leader rubbed the soap on his body and smelled the fragrance of the soap, he was so happy that he ran around the pool and didn’t want to wash the soap off for days to come. But Allah(swt) willing to show His greatness, brought down the rain as the tribes leader was walking from his farm and then the rain washed away all the soap foam from his body. The leader was now showered and cleaned by the rain. He felt so comfortable by this, that he nearly slept a half a day. The next day that followed, he washed longer and better and slept longer than the day before. When he woke up the next day, he wondered why he never felt this good before. The tribe’s leader then asked his people to learn how to bathe with soapy by following ust.Fadlan. So many people at one time were being taught how to bathe using soap and in the middle of learning how to bathe, ust.Fadlan and his students asked for some time to perform prayer. They performed salat(prayer)in front of the people. After salat, the people asked for some time to explain to them what they were doing. So the brothers explained it to them in their stage of language and thinking. Step by step the people were interested in knowing more and more Islam. They were communicating together about how Islam is a better way of life and could bring them in peace and happiness. The tribes leader consolidated with the other tribe leaders in the region, discussing about this new way of life and SubhanAllah, they decided to follow the new way and converted to Islam with all of their people at the same time. It was not only a thousand but thousands of people came to the light of Islam. And Allah showing if He was willing something to happen it will. Just like surah AN-NASIR(chapter 110).

(originally in Bahasa Indonesian language.)