Returning Home to Hulu Selangor
To Improve Your Home

This is inspired by RPK's posting: What you can do for the Hulu Selangor by-election

Remember, in the last General Election on 8 March 2008, the late Member of Parliament for Hulu Selangor won that seat with less than 200 votes. Therefore, every vote counts. The 30% outstation voters could determine the winner in this coming by-election. So work hard in helping them to go home to Hulu Selangor to vote.

This Google Map helps to connect:
  • Providers: people who can provide transportation to Hulu Selangor, and
  • Passengers: registered voters who need transportation back to Hulu Selangor.

Providers: How to Use

Setting Up the Pickup: Please e-mail <> with the requested information in column 1: setting up the pickup. Once we receive the information, we will include you in the Google Map with the column 1 information (except the codeword).

Updating the Pickup Info: As people contact you to be passengers, please update us with the "seats available" information requested in column 2: Updating the Pickup Info. Please use the codephrase you have created to confirm that the information update is legitimate.

Column 1
Setting Up the Pickup
Column 2
Updating the Pickup Info
Contact information
(e-mail or cellphone)

Pickup location
Pickup time
(when you will be leaving from the pickup location to head to HS)

Return time
(when you plan to leave HS to return to the pickup location)

Mode (car, bus)
Seats available
To be Updated
As the Seats Are Filled
(to ensure that information updates such as seats available comes from the right person)

You get to choose

To confirm
the information update's legitimacy

Passengers: How to Use

  • Please contact the desired provider (assuming there is available space)

  • Once you have confirmed with the transportation provider that you can go with that person to Hulu Selangor, please bring your myKad to confirm that you are a Hulu Selangor resident.

(BETA) Google Map of Transportation Providers to Hulu Selangor
note: the map, especially the markers, takes some time to load

View Larger Map with pickup points sorted by State

Updated as of 22nd April 2010