Calon MIC naik stim lepas kena peluk dgn nenek UMNO


“Look at how that elderly lady just now spoke to me and hugged me and even blessed me. This is my first time here and everyone treats me like their brother. Where can you get such a welcome?

“I believe that it is blessings from the elderly that will give one the confidence to win,” he said.

The warm embrace that Kamalanathan was referring to had come from 84-year-old Fatimah Ali, a well-known Umno veteran at the village.

The soft-spoken woman said that she could see from Kamalanathan’s personality that he was a sincere man who was truly willing to help the people of Hulu Selangor.

“You can just tell from his character. I truly, truly support him with all my heart,” she said.

She added that she had also personally known Kamalanathan’s mother, who had stayed before in Sungai Choh near here.

With such encouraging words, it is no wonder why Kamalanathan believes that the odds are in his favour.