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Perak To Pioneer Resurgence Of Women In BN - Zambry
IPOH, 6 Feb (Bernama) -- Perak will become a milestone and lead the way in the resurgence of women in Barisan Nasional through the inception of the 'Love BN Squad' Saturday.

Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said by setting up the squad, BN would get closer to the people through the 'Let's Find A Friend ('Jom Cari Kawan') concept.

"We must have the commitment and show that BN is not afraid to face any crisis or provocation or propaganda from the opposition.

"I believe the spirit of women in BN remains very strong. Although faced with criticism and abuse, they will succeed through the 'Let's Find A Friend' programme," said Zambry after launching the Perak 'Love BN Squad'.

He added that to restore the confidence of the people and face the opposition, BN must unite and move as a team with the same objective and commitment under the BN umbrella.

Zambry who achieved a milestone by completing a year in office as Menteri Besar, urged the people of Perak to join him in efforts to build Perak into a progressive state.

"We cannot continue extreme politicking as it will result in the people losing confidence. In fact, it will only erode the believe of the people towards the country's politics," he said. -- BERNAMA