Walaupun jatuh beca, Obama masih mampu tersenyum. Peace!


'US president Barack Obama' fell onto the ground when a trishaw 'he' was on overturned on a busy street of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Actually, it was a figurine of Obama made of fiber-glass.

The statue is the work of artist Wilman Syahnur for the Jogja Biennale, an art and culture festival held every two years in Yogyakarta.

Wilman had taken the statue on a trishaw to tour the city, where the US president had spent his childhood, to 'meet' the people.

However, the three-wheeler met with an accident and overturned, resulting in the statue falling onto the road on Tuesday, according to an article in okezone.com.

'Obama' fractured his left leg and right hand, which had his fingers showing the 'V' for victory sign. 'He' also suffered injuries on the right leg.

But the 'president' managed to keep the big smile on his face.

Published Dec 18, 2009