Walaupun halal, pemilik Starbucks tetap seorang Zionis


Dalam Kosmo, artikel 'Halal kini gaya hidup' dikaitkan dengan rangkaian kedai kopi terkenal Starbucks. Ini semua dalah penipuan dan JAKIM bersekongkol dgn mereka. Baca di bawah:

Starbucks support War of Terror

Starbucks have donated a store to the US army to help in the occupation of Afghanistan. See photos below from Afghanistan of US troops thanking Starbucks for their donation:

Starbucks "proudly serving" the occupation of Afghanistan

Howard Shultz, the chairman of Starbucks is an active zionist.

In 1998 he was honoured by the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah with "The Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award" for his services to the zionist state in "playing a key role in promoting close alliance between the United States and Israel". The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah funds israeli arms fairs chaired by the butcher of Jenin - General Shaul Mofaz, and the zionist propaganda website honestreporting.com.[1]

Howard Shultz,
Chairman of Starbucks

His work as a propagandist for Israel has been praised by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as being key to Israel's long-term PR success [2].

Recently whilst the Israeli army was slaughtering Palestinians in Jenin, Nabulus and Bethlehem he made a provocative speech blaming the Palestinians of terrorism, suggesting the intifada was a manifestation of anti- Semitism, and asked people to unite behind Israel [3].

At a time when other businesses were desperately pulling out of Israel, Starbucks decided to help Israel's floundering economy and invest in Israel - a joint venture with Israeli conglomerate Delek Group for Starbucks outlets in Israel ( Shalom Coffee Co).[4][5][6]. A bad business decision - Starbucks made heavy losses and in April 2003 Starbucks were forced to announced that all 6 Starbucks cafes in Israel will be shut down and its partnership with Delek end.[14]

It has been revealed that Starbucks still continues to support Israel by sponsoring fund raisers for Israel.[15]

See [11] for suggested action against Starbucks..

Oxfam has misguidedly partnered with Starbucks in return for £100,000 - please support our "Campaign Against Oxfam Agreement with Starbucks".

Starbucks fully supports Bush's war of terror and has opened a Starbucks in Afghanistan for the US invaders - they like to do there bit to help the occupation.[17]



Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award

Howard Schultz was presented with "The Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award" by the The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah in August 27, 1998. [a][e]

According to the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah "The Friends of Zion award salutes leaders who have played key roles in promoting close alliance between the United States and Israel"[e]

Awards Page Mystery

Its interesting that the Israel 50th Anniversary Award given to Howard Schultz was once displayed with pride on the Starbucks website on the companys "Awards and Accolades" page but since the boycott started biting it has mysteriously disappeared from the page![a]

Original page(above) listing Howard Shultz Israel Award as an award for Starbucks can still be seen at www.archive.org. The new page is shown below with no mention of the israeli connection..

The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah

1. The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah sponsors Israeli military arms fairs chaired by the butcher of Jenin - General Shaul Mofaz, Israel's Minister of Defense. It aims to "strengthen the special connection between the American, European and Israeli defense industries" and "to showcase the newest Israeli innovations in defense".[f]

2. The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah also sponsors the zionist propaganda website "honestreporting.com".[g]

3. The Aish HaTorah, the main beneficiary of The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, whilst described as an apolitical international network of Jewish education centres, produces propaganda material for Israel.

One video they produce by Rabbi Ken Spiro titled "The Islamic Connection to Jerusalem" starts "The Islamic connection begins in the 7th century, thousands of years after the original Jewish connection.." and continues to belittle Jerusalem's Islamic heritage - propaganda to justify Israeli occupation of Jerusalem.[b]

Also featured on their site is "The Occupied Territories - A Primer" which denies the status of the West Bank and Gaza as "occupied" and argues that they be called "disputed territories"..[c]

No wonder they were praised by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu:

"..I congratulate Aish HaTorah for what they're doing, where they're doing it, and for whom they're doing it."[d]

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