DS Nizar dikagumi, punya daya kepimpinan dan ketrampilan


My Personal Opinion On Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin
I am not a PAS member but I must say I salute Nizar. I have the belief that due to Nizar's clean, honest and fair leadership, many non Muslim nowadays are no longer fearing an Islamic-minded and pious person like him to be their leader. Throughout his less than a year tenure as the Perak MB, Nizar has proven to the non Muslims that there is equality and fairness in Islam. A few days after the last General Election, everybody knew that even Kit Siang opposed the choice of Nizar as the MB. But I honestly believe even if Kit Siang competes with Nizar in any by-election now, he will also loose to Nizar.

I respect Hadi Awang for his indept knowledge on Islam. He is an ulamak. No doubt about that. But when come to leadership, Nizar has performed much better than Hadi Awang or even any other MB in Malaysia. An ulamak like Hadi Awang not necessarily can be a good MB like Nizar or Nik Aziz. Not all ulamaks can be great leaders, the same way not all football players can be good players in all positions given to them. Can the great Fernando Torres or Robinho be a great Goal Keeper or Centre back? Can he?

The style of Hadi Awang obviously failed to impress the non Muslim (and also majority of Terengganu Muslims) about the beauty of Islamic leadership, because if he has indeed managed to win their hearts and minds, surely PAS still rules Terengganu now like Tok Guru Nik Aziz has done for nearly 20 years in Kelantan. Yes you hear me right, it is 20 years, not 20 weeks, not 20 months but 20 years as an ulamak MB.

In fact, if Nizar ever managed to replace that 'out-of-touch' Hadi Awang as the PAS President, PAS certainly will be seen by the non Muslims as a party that can govern Malaysia in this modern world. To have Nizar and Tok Guru Nik Aziz at the helm of PAS leadership is indeed like having a 'dream team'. I must say it will create a formidable force the same way if we have 'Fernando Torres' and 'Robinho' in our Malaysian football team.

By the way, I have checked thoroughly almost all Nizar's statements related to what's happening in Perak. I found out what Nizar really fighting for is the Perak State Assembyly to be dissolved, hence we can go back to the Rakyat to decide which party to govern Perak, once and for all. Not an iota of statement from him proved the otherwise. He certainly did not go for an audience with the Sultan Perak to ask the Sultan to announce he is the Perak MB (unlike Zambry). He just asked for royal consent to dissolve the Perak Assembly. Was it too much a request? Was it? Bytheway, even my primary school kid asked me this question: "Ayah, why UMNO is so afraid to go back to Rakyat? Why?"

Actually with all this Perak issue that can give any ordinary Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu on the street an unimaginable headache, Nizar has the options to just wash his hand, resign and go back to his previous low profile life . Anyhow, BEFORE he became the MB Perak, he was already a millionaire . But no, he still wants to continue to fight for the truth. His bravery is second to none. I can't believe that despite concerns that he might be denied entry, Nizar still attended the royal banquet at the Istana Iskandariah hosted by the Sultan Perak on the 14th of February, even though at that time Zambry has already been installed as the new fake MB.

Bytheway, look at how Nizar carries himself. Even if we look at the most trivial aspect such as his 'hair style', Nizar already impressed many Malaysians with his 'intellect-style' hair combing, not to mention his neat and modern dressing. Nizar has indeed shown that 'modern-style' and 'Islamic-style' can go side-by-side. The typical appearance of a PAS-style leader who always wears kupiah, serban and long robe is no longer in the mind of majority of the non muslims in Perak. Yes, nothing wrong with this 'sunnah' attire but my point here is Nizar has managed to show that the most important thing about Islamic leadership is fairness, dynamic and clean leadership.

I remember last time my die hard PAS supporter-father in law used to reprimand me for wearing a neck-tie, because in his ultra conservative opinion wearing a neck-tie made me imitating the 'kafir' and western style of dressing. Well... this is my reply to him: "Ayah, what about your underwear. Isn't your underwear also looks like the shape of underwear used by the 'Kafir' Brad Pitt or 'kafir' Tom Cruise? So aren't you also imitating the 'kafir' and western style of dressing. He was speechless.

Best of Luck to you my Beloved Datuk Seri Haji Mohammad Nizar Bin Jamaluddin!