Crime so rampant, even rubbish bins are not secure anymore!


Blog Art Harun: The demon in all of us

Minister Hishamuddin could not hide his disgust at some of us, Malaysians, who have, according to him, "demonised" the various institutions such as the police force. The crime rate, in his opinion, is due to the demonisation of the police force. Another possible reason is "the delay in the various trials and judging process".

Minister Hisham's statement came after Minister Koh's verbal answer in the Parliament on why the IGP had a high KPI score of 113.8% when the crime rate is going north. Minister Koh's reply was that the crime rate is now higher because when the police becomes more effective, there will be more crimes reported. Let me quote him in verbatim from the hansard so that we will all not be lost in translation. This is what Minister Koh said:

"Pengalaman dari negara-negara lain menunjukkan bahawa apabila pihak berkuasa, penguat kuasa menjadi lebih berkesan. Maka bilangan laporan akan meningkat, sebab dahulu sebelum sistem menjadi berkesan, maka orang awam enggan melaporkan.

Ada juga yang dikatakan anggota-anggota Polis yang tidak menggalakkan supaya sesuatu dilaporkan sebab... Kes ragut misalnya. Amat sukar untuk mangsa mengenal pasti siapa peragut itu, oleh itu mungkin banyak kes tidak dilaporkan. Akan tetapi apabila keyakinan orang awam terhadap pasukan penguat kuasa meningkat maka mereka akan tampil ke hadapan, itu satu. Yang keduanya, sistem untuk menerima laporan itu."

It is not for me to dispute what was said by Minister Hishamuddin or Minister Koh. After all, they are the Ministers and they know better. What does a mere "rakyat" like me know about all these things?

I however have a story to tell. Those who read my article about Utusan Malaysia's responsible journalism would notice that I had mee rebus for lunch on 12th November 2009. While walking back, I bought some jack fruits. When I finished eating them, I was looking for a rubbish bin to throw the empty plastic in.

I finally saw one nice blue rubbish bin. I walked toward it. I was quite disappointed when I tried opening the cover. I took a picture of it. Here it is:

tong sampah

Note: I have exercised my responsible blogger discretion by blanko-ing the address. Rest assured I did not blank out any emblems, political or otherwise. I swear.

Now, the question is, what kind of demon which possesses and drives the owner of this bin to actually put the bin in chain and lock?

Is crime so rampant much so that even rubbish bins are not secure anymore?


Linggak7 said...

hahahaha...ur "blanko-ing" sarcasm...funny one!