DANOK, they say Mail Sapian's fav spot


About Danok
Danok is a border town located just after Sadao Immigration and Custom checkup. The bulk of the visitors are Malaysians from Penang and Kedah, who normally go there for a weekend getaway due to it's convenient location near the Thai-Malaysia border. Danok has now evolved to become a real delight for those bored with Hatyai and are looking for something new. Over the years the number of entertainment joints have grown quickly. You can find massage palours, karaokes, discos, agogo bars, pubs that are just as exciting if not better than Hatyai.

Exploring Danok
Danok is a small town where every place is just within walking distance. Therefore unlike Hatyai, you need not have to take those tuk-tuk if you want to move around. There are many hotels with rates ranging from 300 to 800baht. Most of the bigger hotels have massage parlour and karaoke joint for you to enjoy without having to step out of the hote. Danok may look dull and uninteresting in the day, but once the sun sets, it is transform into a bustling town crowded with people in most of the streets. At this time, you will find lots of pubs, bars and karaokes blaring loud music with sweet young girls beckoning passerbys to go inside for a drink.

These are the places in Danok where you can go for thai massage and more:

1) 2nd floor of Satit hotel - provides thai massage and "extra services".

2) 3rd floor of Oscar Palace hotel - provides traditional massage at 240baht for 2 hours, If you wish to have your massage in your hotel room, the rate is 300baht. Some of the massuers offer 1000baht for ST, and 2000baht for LT.

3) Mei Spa in He Jia hotel - the package cost 600baht which include unlimited use of spa facilities and 45 mins of oil or traditional massage.

4) Satit Massage Palor - located beside Satit hotel. Here, you can ask the massuer to go to your hotel room for RM30 (2 hrs). Some massuers provide FJ for RM100.

5) Mutiara Spa - located behind Oscar Palace Hotel. Nicely decorated. The promotion price is RM 35 for two hours use of the spa and sauna, and 1 hour of oil massage.

6) KPK Massage Palor in KPK hotel - this place is new and nicely decorated too.

Night Entertainment
In Danok, the pubs, bars, and karaokes start operating from 2-3pm onwards. While the pubs, bars and karaokes have to end by 12am, discos are allowed to operate till 4am.

Listed here are the night establishments that are mentioned in the forums:

TMT agogo bar- highly recommended for their strip shows. The charges is 60baht for a lady's drink, and standard tip is 100-200baht for the hostesses.

Sha-la-la - another highly recommended night joint; Lady's drink is 50baht.

Bangkok Cafe - agogo dancers, young hostesses available to sit with you. Overnight booking is available.

Spider - highly recommended in the forums. It is an agogo bar where the girls dances either half or fully naked. It has a disco atmosphere and it is so crowded especially during weekends that you literally have to squeeze yourselves in this place. There is a variety of dance shows here and the dancers usually stripped down fully. They have almost 50 SYT dancers rotating throughout the night. These dancers usually rotate among several joints in Betong, Hadyai and even Bangkok. Most dancer from Spider don't accept booking from customers. Only those hostesses who accompany customer for drinking are available for booking. But do note that the hostesses here are quite aggressive. If you don’t want them to sit with you, just reject them straightaway or they will assume that you want them to be with you

Chaborn - located just beside Spider where the waitresses are in bikini with dozen of topless dancers on stage.

Bar Berry CabaretBlueberry pub - located beside Paragon disco. Operate somewhat like Spider.